C o l l e c t i v e // Marina Scott

  When I arrived in Cambridge in 2015, I was immediately surprised at the seeming lack of a unified creative scene within the student body. Having grown up in Falmouth, where the arts University functioned as the heart of the small town, it struck me 

Gender Agenda // Kitya Mark

Gender Agenda is the Cambridge University Women’s Campaign zine, composed of visual art and texts submitted by self-identifying women and non-binary students. [Zine = small magazine-type-DIY collection of often radical creative expression e.g. a glued-together anthology of feminist poetry and drawings] Zines are like the 

Consequences // Anna Curzon-Price

Consequences was an art collective that met during Lent Term 2019. It culminated in an installation at the end of term which documented the group’s work.  The collective worked according to these principles:  Each person brings an object which they find interesting, meaningful or beautiful 

Notes // Finty Hunter

Notes is a student-run publication based out of Cambridge. We showcase the best of new writing and art in Cambridge and beyond, by students and non-students. During Michaelmas (Winter) and Lent (Spring) terms we publish every fortnight and in Easter (Summer) term we publish one 

Cambridge University Poetry and Prose Society // Madeleine Pulman-Jones

The Cambridge University Poetry and Prose Society (CUPPS) was founded by Renchun Ho and Murat Demir in 2017 with a view to uniting  disparate strands of the lively literary scene in Cambridge. As of the 2018/2019 academic year, I, Madeleine Pulman-Jones am the president of the society, with Vanessa Choek as vice 

The Old Vag Club // Carina Harford

The Old Vag Club is a theatre group started in 2017 by Carina Harford, Laura Cameron, Grainne Dromgoole, Becca Bradburn and Eliza Bacon, and joined later by Theis Anderson and Georgia Humphrey. It is now in the hands of a new committee: Meg Reidy, Caitlin Curtis, 

New Hall Art Collection // Sophie-Marie Niang

The New Hall Art Collection is the second largest women’s art collection in the world. It features over 500 artworks by contemporary women artists from around the globe. This year, the Collection has been particularly active, running bi-monthly themed tours, screenings of films by female 

third space ii: an exhibition for diaspora artists // Anki Deo

I was a co-curator of the third space exhibition for diaspora artists, which was held in January this year at the Sidney Sussex squash courts. The aim was to provide a platform for the artistic expression of those who have experienced displacement, otherness or cultural 

Documentary Filmmaking in Cambridge // Riley Kaminer

The University of Cambridge has cultivated an active and vibrant scene for documentary filmmaking over the 2018-2019 academic year. Students have been benefited from a host of events and hands-on workshops allowing them to hone their skills, including a two-day workshop with BAFTA-winning documentary filmmaker