poetry, artwork, and prose submissions for the content of the anthology have now closed but. . .

The Mays is currently recruiting an artist to design our cover!
(deadline 5th March, 6pm)

A fantastic opportunity to make your work the face of the best writing and art from Oxbridge students, and have it displayed on bookshelves across the country.

  • Designs should be for cover dimensions 17 x 23cm, with a 1.2cm spine
  • Front should include:
    • Title: The Mays 26 or The Mays XXVI
    • Subtitle: new writing and art from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge
    • Space for a line saying “Guest edited by. . .”
  • Back should include:
    • Space for the blurb
    • Space for endorsement
  • Submissions should be sent to

Please remember that The Mays is a commercial product which will be sold in bookshops across the UK. You must consider what will make it appealing to customers who have never heard of it, and how to make its selling points (eg Oxbridge, celebrity endorsements) prominent.

Don’t forget the spine, which cannot be left blank.

Do make use of colour, especially blue.

Some ideas may be found on our pinterest board but do feel free to follow your own inspiration!