Notes // Finty Hunter

Notes is a student-run publication based out of Cambridge. We showcase the best of new writing and art in Cambridge and beyond, by students and non-students. During Michaelmas (Winter) and Lent (Spring) terms we publish every fortnight and in Easter (Summer) term we publish one micro-fiction issue named Footnotes.

Jamie Patel, Laurie Lewis and Nick Hitchcock started Notes back in 2012 with the ambition of creating a platform of expression within and across universities and to give contributors the opportunity to contribute to a distinctly inter-disciplinary journal. We like to think that today we still work quite true to this original goal! It doesn’t at all matter to us if you’ve never submitted work anywhere before, because we make sure that we give critical feedback to everyone who submits to us. I joined the team in my first year, having seen the stall at Freshers’ Fair. I was first a submitter and then became an Editor for my second year before taking on the role of Senior Editor this year.

Getting to know the team, particularly the other editors at our weekly meetings has been incredible. We spend hours discussing art, writing and anything else sparked by the work we read. We are constantly inspired and moved by the pieces we receive, whether it be moved to tears, laughter, or just a general feeling of warmth. It is such a privilege to be at the forefront of new writing and art in Cambridge, and to watch people go from tentative first-time submitters to regular contributors.

We are unique in our publishing schedule as we provide a regular opportunity for publication and feedback. Giving everyone feedback is
time-consuming for our team but so, so worthwhile. Being able to tell someone how much you loved their work is a wonderful feeling, and then meeting them at the launch and watching them read their piece is truly rewarding. In the future I hope Notes will be able to bring back our workshops as they provided a lovely space for people to try new things.