The team

We are now recruiting for The Mays 27!

Now in its 27th year, The Mays publishes the best in student writing and art from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge – we need your help to make this year the best yet!

Applicants for each role should apply with a CV outlining your experience, accompanied by 300 words telling us your vision for the project and what you can bring to the role. Some roles have additional requirements, highlighted in bold at the end of the description.

Applications should be submitted to by 6pm on Friday 9th of November. If you would like to know more about any of the roles, please do not hesitate to get in touch with The Mays via our facebook page, or the email address above!

The Deputy Editor will liaise with the editor to make sure the entire project runs smoothly. For this role, we are looking for someone who has a keen interest in the arts, exceptional organisational abilities, and would be confident helping manage a team. The deputy editor will assist with all aspects of the anthology – we would suggest reading through the other role descriptions, and in your application letting us know what you are most experienced with, most excited by, and most suitable to manage.

The Art Editor will have special responsibility for the arts subcommittee, with a focus on encouraging a wide range of submissions. Knowledge of the art scene in Oxford and/or Cambridge would be an advantage in this regard. The art editor will also be involved in choosing the cover design, and deciding the overall layout of the anthology. Confidence in using social media (especially instagram) would be advantageous.

The Submissions Officer plays a vital role in the production of the anthology. They will assist in advertising the call for submissions, and when submissions open they will be vital in organising the submissions and liaising with the subcommittee members. Enthusiastic and highly organised candidates are encouraged!

The Design and Production Officer should be confident in producing publicity materials, which will be used in advertising various aspects of the anthology. It will be an exciting opportunity to get your work featured on both our website and social media. The design and production officer should be confident in working to a brief, and liaising with editors. Previous design officers have also been involved in artwork subcommittees and social media – this is a role which can expand to your interests! In addition to the general application requirements, please include examples of publicity materials you have produced.

Our Events and Publicity Officer will be central in organising the various events which accompany the production of the anthology. Evidence of ability to work within budget is appreciated, and individual flair in event organisation positively encouraged! This officer will also work to publicise the anthology, and its accompanying launches. In this role they will reach out to professional publications and liaise with the social media team.

The Associate Editor, who should be based at Oxford University, will work closely with the Cambridge editors to ensure that the project is publicised, and aspiring contributors encouraged, to an equal extent in both universities. Again, this role can be as expansive as you wish to make it. We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate who may be interested in social media, events organisation, and publicity.

Poetry, Prose, and Art Subcommittee Members are the central members of the anthology committee. They will ensure that The Mays 27 contains work which is as high in quality as our preceding publications. Each subcommittee will meet weekly throughout the submissions period and discuss the pieces which we have received. We are looking for people who are open minded, confident in their tastes, and ready to discuss and debate! Please apply to either poetry, prose, or art by choosing three pieces (those applying for the prose subcommittee should choose short extracts) which excite you, or you think are particularly deft.


We look forward to receiving your applications!