The Team

The 32nd edition of The Mays Anthology is recruiting a team. The Mays showcases the best new writing and art from the students of Oxford and Cambridge, and it is sold widely across the UK. Past guest editors include Seamus Heaney, Zadie Smith, Mary Jean Chan, and Arlo Parks.

We are looking to recruit for the following roles:

Deputy Editor

Poetry Editor

Prose Editor

Art Editor

To apply, please send us your CV, along with 400 words detailing your vision for the role, why you want to get involved, and any relevant experience you may have. Please also answer the following questions:

  1. Who would your dream guest editor be? (dead or living)
  2. If you were a font, which font would you be?

Applications should be emailed to Famke & Leo at

Application deadline:

Midnight, 30th November 2023

Student submissions for poetry, prose, art and creative photography will open early in 2024.


What do the roles entail?

Producing a book is a long (but exciting!) process, and each member of the team will do a bit of everything. However, the Deputy Editor will focus their efforts on management, from fundraising and promotion to setting and publishing the book. The Poetry, Prose, and Art Editors will be more focused on selecting from the many submissions we receive.

We are looking to recruit roughly two people for each of these four roles.

Who can apply?

Any student from Oxford University or Cambridge University can apply. Freshers, finalists, and postgrads – all are welcome! Experience in publishing, creative writing, and the arts is helpful, but not required. If you have any experience with Adobe InDesign please let us know, though we will provide training for everyone when setting the book.

Can I be on the editorial team and still submit?

Unfortunately, no. To keep the process fair, no one on our team can submit to The Mays 32, so bear this in mind when applying.

Will there be interviews?

Some applicants may be invited to a casual interview at the end of November or the beginning of December.

If you have any other questions about applying, please do email us at

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