The team

We are recruiting designers!

The Mays is currently seeking two designers for our 27th edition. The designers will work creatively with the editorial team to create publicity materials, typeset the book, and design our front cover. This is an excellent opportunity to be involved in a prestigious and exciting student project. As cover designers, your work will also be on show in bookshops nationwide (last year we were even sold in Sweden!)

Applicants for this position should be current students at Oxford or Cambridge. Applications should be sent to Eimear and Elizabeth (co-editors) at and should include

  • a current portfolio AND/OR a potential cover design
  • 300 words on your vision for The Mays

Experience with inDesign is highly desirable. Please let us know your level of familiarity with it.

Applicants are welcome to apply alone or as a pair! If you have any questions, please do contact us at the email address above, or through our facebook page.