Polytopes & space (de)construction // Georgios-Spyridon Athanasopoulos

polytope = poly (“many”) + topos (“place”)

In mathematics, a polytope is a multi-dimensional object equivalent to the polyhedron in three-dimensional space. This series of exercises attempts to renegotiate the strict nature of common and regular polytopes. The shifting of basic geometric shape faces to multiple dimensions independently allows for a redefinition of the geometry of the polytope. The notion of the boundary is also readdressed and thus, the conception of space in several dimensions becomes ambiguous. The above are investigated within the field of computational design and parametric 3D modeling techniques widely used in the architecture and design disciplines.


GEORGIOS-SPYRIDON ATHANASOPOULOS is a trained architect and computational designer. His ongoing PhD research at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge focuses on the development of innovative geometric computational methods to facilitate collaboration between structural engineers and designers.


An image from this work can also be found on p.49 of the physical anthology.