Hand over book (touching you) // Evelyn Whorrall-Campbell


“I am an artist who loves hands. What a wonder! They can do so many things: touching, stroking, grabbing, tickling, pinching, slapping, holding. I am an artist who also loves books. Now think of all the things they can hold. Even though the pages are often thin, they can carry a great deal. Imagine a book within a book, that would be something. You could turn two pages with one digit, as it were. A digital caress. Smooth surfaces and a slipping out of sight. Turn the camera on, another caress. Click.”


EVELYN WHORRALL-CAMPBELL is an MPhil student in Film and Screen Studies at Pembroke College, Cambridge. She is currently swimming in posthuman waters.


An image from this artist can also be found on p.62 of the physical anthology.