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Lost in Translatione by Sarah Caulfield (Mays XXIV)

Lost in Translatione by Sarah Caulfield   Latin is a closed door to me. I was born in the years where Catholicism’s devotion to it wanted; I think of it as foreshadowing. The past is prologue and Latin is old money and I wasn’t Even 

On Colm Tóibín’s “Brooklyn”

by Sabhbh Curran Brooklyn draws together some of Tóibín’s favourite themes – national identity, Catholicism and the changing role of Irish women – in a quiet and understated coming of age story. 1950s Enniscorthy provides few opportunities for Eilis to find and job or husband; 

Seaware by Sarah Byrne (Mays XXIV)


by Sarah Byrne


I prise the barnacles from the dishes
on the starboard side of our Belfast sink.

I lean over this white kitchen crib,
want to unstack my own ware:

my bones, my ribs, want to rinse them
one by one till they’re sharp and silver.

And just when I think it’s done, you bring me
one last piece from our evening meal,

a porcelain bowl which I drown so softly
in the water, holding its crown for minutes

against the ceramic floor. It swims back to me
of its own accord, still dirty – covered in sand.


(from The Mays XXIV)