to sleep on it // Ruari Paterson-Achenbach


The graphic score to sleep on it was first performed as part of the Alternative Lessons & Carols concert in Jesus College Chapel organised by The Mermaid Café on 26 November 2018. The score varies from scatterings of notes and gestures of paint, to specific textual instructions and inquiries into personal experiences and emotions. It can be performed as a whole, or as any combination of the movements, and by any three performers.


RUARI PATERSON-ACHENBACH is a third year Music student at Girton College, University of Cambridge. His work in graphic scoring is inspired by the multi-media compositions of Claudia Molitor and text pieces by Pauline Oliveros, and hopes to promote sonic creation deeply tied to themes of intimacy, nostalgia, and transience.


An image from this work can also be found on p.40 of the physical anthology.