The team

The Mays XXVI Team


Co-Editors: Elizabeth Howcroft and Eimear NĂ­ Chathail
Deputy Editor: Sophie Dickinson
Oxford Associate Editor: Katie Dent
Deputies to O.A.E: Victoria Gawlik and Daniel Haynes
Design and Production: Ryan Wightman
Events: Livia Fries
Publicity: Anna Hollingsworth
Treasurer & Deputy Publicity: Sam Ashbridge
Social Media: Sophie Zhang
Submissions Officer: Isabelle Burroughes


Poetry Selection Subcommittee Prose Selection Subcommittee Artwork Selection Subcommittee
Edwin Boadu Sana Khan Elizabeth Huang
Ellamae Lepper Marcus McCabe Leah Wild
Michael Tigchelaar Naoise Murphy
Matthew Wilson Caithlin Ng